Anti-Static Flooring


Anti-Static Flooring in the Education Sector

Reduce the risk of damage to static-sensitive IT equipment by installing our specialist anti-static flooring. Our team of approved installers are skilled in ensuring the anti-static flooring meets the latest health and safety regulations. By implementing the basic safety precautions you are keeping your staff and students safe at all times. Contact our team today for a bespoke quote.

Specialist Static Conductive Flooring Solutions

At JDF flooring we have the expertise and knowledge to install a range of high-performance static control flooring in areas such as university and school labs, computer suites, electronic assembly areas, server rooms, IT departments, plus many more areas.

The anti-static flooring is designed to prevent any electrostatic discharges (ESD) from affecting and damaging the electrical devices. In certain environments, the electrostatic discharge can be very dangerous which is why installing anti-static flooring is essential to creating a safe environment for staff, students and visitors.

Safe and Practical Anti-Static Flooring

Anti-static flooring works by removing the static electricity that builds up in an environment where there is a high usage of electrical equipment and moves it through the floor and into the ground.

By grounding the electrical discharge, the anti-static flooring stops the ESD from rising upwards and discharging into the area, where it could potentially damage equipment or can be dangerous to staff and students.

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