Ultra Tough Wearing Floors

Most popular for schools

Our imitation concrete flooring is suitable for schools, as it is a very affordable solution. It resists damage to a degree above regular vinyl or tiles. Our concrete vinyl flooring solution is a highly popular option, mainly due to its authentic finish and durability.

We offer a wide range of shades and a variety of finishing styles to suit your school setting and requirements. Call us now to discuss your space.

Ultra Tough Wearing Floors

JDF have our own unique imitation concrete which we can install across the UK for a very cost effective price. This ultra tough wearing floor is perfect for any educational environment, it is very cheap and it resists damage much better than regular vinyl and tiles. We know that schools and other educational establishments experience heavy foot traffic for in which case you need durable flooring. Our ultra tough wearing floor is resistant to chemical or liquid spills which makes it ideal for laboratories or sport facilities.

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