Hygienic Flooring


Flooring For A Clean Environment

Hygienic flooring is essential in many sectors such as healthcare, pharmacuetical, food & beverages, schools & more. To maximise safety, it is crucial that you choose an experienced & approved installer who you can rely on. Call JDF Flooring today for a hygienic flooring quote!

Hygienic Flooring Solutions

Hygienic vinyl flooring is an ideal solution for healthcare settings, such as hospices, doctors surgeries, health centres, care homes & more. This is because it is a highly practical solution, meeting strict hygiene criteria while also being able to bear the weight of relentless heavy footfall. Hospitals for example are extremely busy places where hygiene, as well as patient & staff safety, cannot be compromised in any way.

Our market leading hygienic flooring solutions allow the extremely important work that takes place in such establishments to continue uninterrupted. We understand that there are enough stresses in healthcare as it is, keeping the floor clean and free of harmful bacteria does not need to be one more thing to worry about!

Hygienic Flooring For Hospitals

As well as the very important hygiene reasons mentioned above, vinyl hygienic flooring in a setting such as a hospital is an all round safe choice. There are large volumes of traffic crossing hospital floors every minute, people moving with urgency and navigating equipment such as wheelchairs and beds. Any wear or tear could present a tripping hazard, as could any cracks or sharp corners. Hygienic flooring installed by JDF is extremely durable and slip resistant, so this will not be an issue for patients or staff. In addition, our hygienic flooring is laid as one sheet, so there is no need to worry about gaps which could potentially be dangerous in a busy hospital.

With hygienic flooring, you can create a safe environment to work in, where safety & hygiene is needed the most. Not only this, but the maintenance and upkeep of the floor will be simple and efficient. Our experienced team of hygienic vinyl flooring fitters take all precautions to ensure that your flooring is installed to the highest of standards, providing maximum safety and limiting the spread of harmful bacteria or viruses.


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Our team are highly skilled and experienced in installing hygienic flooring. You can rest assured that when choosing JDF, your hygienic flooring will last you for many years to come. We offer you the best choice and fit; just because it is practical and safe, it does not mean it needs to look dull! We can provide a combination of flooring solutions for different areas of a building, such as the entrance, wards & corridors, operating theatres, intensive care units and more. Speak to our team today to discuss our wide range of hygienic flooring options.

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