Waterproof Flooring


Water-resistant flooring in the Education Sector

At JDF Flooring, we believe health and safety are paramount to any type of flooring you choose. Thanks to our water-resistant flooring options, you can be assured the kitchens, gyms and school hallways will be safe for everyone to use. Call us today for a tailored quote based on your facility and requirements.

Water-resistant Flooring Solutions

One of the key requirements of any flooring type within an educational building is safety. With high volumes of foot traffic, movement of furniture such as tables and chairs, plus unavoidable spillages means your flooring not only needs to be hard-wearing but also water-resistant and easy to maintain.

With our level of expertise and knowledge in the industry, we can advise on the best water-resistant flooring solution for your school, college, university or any other educational building.

Whether you decide to choose our moisture-resistant laminate flooring or our specialist waterproof vinyl flooring, we can transform your school floor into a space that meets all the health and safety regulations and requirements.

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is ideal to use for wet areas in an educational setting such as kitchens, cafeterias school hallways, fitness gyms and bathrooms.

With the everyday challenge in mind, we understand the need for all our floors to be able to resist water spillages, which what makes Vinyl flooring ideal for the job. Some of the benefits include:

Waterproof, scratch and stain resistant

Resistant to moisture and slip-resistant

Easy to clean and maintain

Comfortable walking experience

Quick and easy to install

Durable and long-lasting

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